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catnip plant mosquito repellent, best natural choice to consider


Catnip Plant Mosquito Repellent: Best Natural Choice to Consider

November 5, 2016

It is very obvious that mosquitos are a type of insect everybody hates. It is not merely about the itchiness caused by the bites or about the annoying sound they create while flying around us.

It is also about the fact there are some different diseases, including the deadly ones like dengue fever and malaria, can caused by mosquito bites, even only some species of mosquitos can do so.

Those are the reason why people are always trying to repel mosquitos, especially during the peak season that is started at spring and get worse during summer, so they can spend days more comfortably and away from diseases caused by the insects.

The way to repel them is also various but can mainly be differentiated into two, which are by using chemical repellent and natural repellent.

The way to deal with mosquito problem we are going to talk further in this post is the second one. More specifically, it is the way of using catnip plant mosquito repellent considered to be one of the best as proven by many people in many countries around the globe.

So if you are getting frustrated about how to get rid of the maddening flying insects, the following information may be found helpful.

What Is Catnip Plant?

beautiful purple catnip bush


Before we talk more about catnip plant mosquito repellent, it will be great for us to know first about what catnip plant actually is. Catnip, which species name is Nepeta cataria, factually belongs to the category of herbaceous perennial plant. This can be explained as short-lived herbal plant.

In daily life, catnip plant is also known by its other names, including catmint. The name catmint does not only refer to the shape of the coarse-toothed catnip leaves that is so similar to mint leaves. Instead, it is also because catnip belongs to Nepeta genus where there are up to 250 other species than catnip.

If seen from the general characteristic, as told previously, catnip has leaves similar to mint leaves but less wide. As a short-lived plant, catnip is also not too big in size since it can grow only to approximately 50 up to 100 tall. The width also has the quite same size for you to know.

Other common characteristic of catnip is located in its flower. There are mainly two major colors of catnip found in this world, white and purple. However, some plants are known to have pink flowers too. The flowers have special fragrance and usually bloom during the end of spring to autumn season.

Catnip as Mosquito Repellent

catnip as mosquito repellent


Now let us start the main topic of this post, which is none other but catnip plant mosquito repellent. Catnip is a flowery plant that is not only beautiful and fragrant but also has special natural ability to repel mosquitos.

The effectiveness of it as mosquito repellent has even been tested by some researchers. The result is catnip is proven to be the most effective one in repelling mosquitos compared to any other natural mosquito repellent plants.

Furthermore, the effectiveness is also proven better than DEET, which is none other but a chemical substance often used as ingredient of factory-made mosquito repellent products.

However, it is very surprising that until now there is no exact explanation about why the plant can repel the insects so effectively. Some say perhaps the mosquitos do not like the smell of the plant. Some other mentions there are possibility for the plant to act as an irritant to the flying insects.

Talking about factory-made mosquito repellent products, we all know such products are usually made with chemical ingredients inside. Even those may also be beneficial in repelling mosquitos; we need to remember about the possible side effects caused by the chemical ingredients in each product.

This fact makes catnip even better as a choice since it is natural, which means there is a very big chance for it not to cause any harmful side effect to us. Using it for a quite long time to repel the insects is totally fine to do too.

How to Use Catnip as Mosquito Repellent

how to use catnip as mosquito repellent


Basically, there are three ways of using catnip plant mosquito repellent. The first one is by planting the plant in the area where the insects must be repelled. For home usage, of course the planting can be done in yard, garden, or even indoor area where the plant can be placed in pots.

The next way is by crushing the leaves of catnip plant. Especially for this one, we will be directly protected from mosquitos by catnip plant because after being crushed the leaves will be applied on our skin.

It is a very suitable solution to pick when we are about to spend time outdoor at any time, especially during the mosquito season as explained previously. For you who are interested in trying this idea, please make sure that you always have fresh catnip leaves at home so you can use it anytime you need it.

If the second way to use catnip plant is found to be a bit troublesome, the third way can be used as the solution. It is by applying natural catnip plant oil instead of the crushed catnip leaves.

This kind of oil can be made by extracting catnip leaves, but there is always an easier choice to pick that is buying the already-made catnip oil. Even so, the already-made oil is not that easy to find at stores.

Relation between Catnip and Cats

catnip with natural ability to attract cats


Commonly, catnip is more famous because of its relation to cats than because of the mosquito repellent advantage it has. The question then is; what is actually the relation between the plant and the cute furry animals?

Well, you may have heard previously about the liking shown by cats toward catnip plant that also become the reasons why there are quite a lot of catnip-based treats for cat available at pet stores now.

Moreover, you may have heard also about how cats’ behavior changes quite drastically after eating catnip leaves. More specifically, they usually act like drunken cats after doing so.

There is factually a reason behind all those craziness shown by domestic cats. Catnip plant is the one known to have natural ability to attract cats, not only to come and spend time around the plant but also to enjoy the leaves by eating those.

The effect shown may be various, including anxiety, drooling, leaping about, and also sleepiness. In some cases the effect may be worse, or may also be said to look quite hilarious, like growling, hand holding the plant while chewing it, meowing, and scratching.

In the relation between the effects of catnip on cats and the mosquito repellent ability the plant has, there are some things for you to remember.

If by any chance you have one or more domestic cats at home and at the same time you are also interested in planting catnip inside the house to repel the irritating mosquitos, it will be much better for you to plant catnip in the area your cats can reach easily.

The reason to do so is avoiding them to get dangerous side effect from eating too much catnip as well as avoiding them from damaging the mosquito repellent you plant.

If you want to plant catnip outside the house and your cats also usually spend time outside, it is much better for you not to plant catnip near other decorative plants, herbal plants, vegetables, or any other plants you love to grow in your yard.

The only reason why is because your cats will definitely love to spend time around the plant. When they are under the effect of catnip, they will roll around the area where the catnip is planted so if there is some other plants nearby those can certainly be demolished by your cats’ behavior.

Other Benefits of Planting Catnip

other benefits of planting catnip


While in this post we talk more about how catnip is very beneficial in relation to its natural ability to repel mosquitos, you need to know that as a matter of fact the plant also has some other advantages so it is quite recommended for you to plant it at home if you have not done so.

The first advantage is the plant is factually quite easy to grow. This is even better finding the seeds are not hard to do because those are sold in a lot of stores, especially flower and plant stores.

Other clear benefit is related to the characteristic of the plant itself, which is flowery. Catnip flowers are mostly available in two different colors; purple and white.

With such beautiful look, certainly the plant can also add decorative value to the surroundings where the plant is planted. The beauty could be better when the plant is purposely planted to be bushes.

The next interesting benefit you need to know too is the use of catnip as herb in daily life. Yes, human being is also known to use catnip as herb for a quite long time, especially because of the relaxing sensation it creates.

The way to use it is also various, including drinking it as herbal tea, using it as herbal ingredient in various dishes, and also smoking it for relaxation.

The interesting taste and fragrance of catnip also makes it used quite often additional ingredient for tea and coffee beverages to boost the taste and relaxing effect.

For you who are curious about how tea and coffee taste like after catnip is added inside it, you may try finding some already made product at stores. If difficult, try finding it at online stores.

Tips in Planting Catnip in Your Home Area

tips in planting catnip in your home area


Now when you already know about all benefits of catnip, especially related to its ability to repel mosquitos, you may find it interesting to plant some in your home area. In order to make the planting works so the plant can really perform the mosquito repellent ability, there are some tips you need to recognize first.

The first suggestion to do is related to whether you should choose the seeds or plants to place in your house. If you think you are able and know quite well about how to plant the seeds, it is worth trying since this may cost you less money.

On the other hand, if it is too difficult to do, there are a lot of small catnip plants available at local home and garden stores to buy. Choosing these, you only need to find out more about how to grow and maintain the plants.

Instead of planting the plant directly on soil in your front yard, back yard, and garden, there is a better idea you can do. It is none other but planting catnip in pots so it will be highly possible for you to make it an indoor plant.

This way it will also be easier for you to place the plant in every corner of the house so the mosquito repellent coverage gets even wider.

A thing to remember when you want to plant catnip in pots as indoor plants is making sure the size is not too big so every pot will always be suitable to place inside without taking too much space. Besides, you must not forget to water and expose each potted catnip plant to direct sunlight once in a while so it can grow nicely.

The last but not least tip you can do is checking the live term of each plant so it can always be functioned as effective natural mosquito repellent. The reason why you are told to do so is because catnip is commonly a short-lived plant.

In order to know about the live term better, you can consult the local store or farming where you buy the seedlings. Once you know about it, you will know when to replace the old plants with the new ones.

So, what do you think about now after knowing all information related to catnip plant mosquito repellent? Are you interested in planting some catnip in your surroundings?

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