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7 Reasons Why Rock Salt Is a Good Choice for Natural Dehumidifier

December 14, 2016

The practice of using rock salt in daily life has been known since a very long time ago. Moreover, it is already proven too many times that rock salt has a lot of benefits including the very significant one.

The most obvious example of its significant benefits can be seen in the use of rock salt to melt ice and snow in roadways during winter season in many countries in all over the world, including US.

In US, the need of the salt is even known to increase in every winter season, making the salt to be a very promising source of income for those who sell it.

Other than the big benefits, rock salt is also found to be beneficial for smaller aspects of life, such as in cooking. The use of rock salt in cooking is quite popular too because it is said that the salt give a different taste in foods.

Many people even choose this type of salt more than sea and table salt in cooking because it is believed to have extra health benefit.

In this post, we are going to talk further about another use of rock salt in daily life, which is rock salt dehumidifier. Even this usage may not be as big as the use of rock salt in transportation as told as told previously still it is a very interesting usage that everyone including you should know.

This cannot be separated from the fact that dehumidifier itself is a hardware needed in many houses nowadays in order to deal with high level of humidity.

This post will cover several subtopics that will be limited more in what rock salt is (and everything related to it) and also its use as natural dehumidifier for houses, especially about why it is such a good choice when it comes to natural dehumidifier.

What Is Rock Salt?

what is rock salt


Before knowing about how to use rock salt as natural dehumidifier in houses, it is so much better for you to know first about what it actually is.

As a type of salt, rock salt, which is also very familiar to be called as Halite, can be explained as sodium chloride (NaCl) in mineral form. This mineral form can also be considered as crystal and, obviously, this is the reason why the salt is called rock.

This type of salt is usually mined from underground and is then taken to mining facility. In the mining facility it will be extracted to become a product of rock salt as we usually see in daily life.

If seen from the characteristic, commonly rock salt does not have any color or sometimes its color is white. However, you need to know that there are also some other colors of rock salt found but not as often as the colorless or white color. Those include; dark blue, gray, light blue, orange, pink, purple, red, and also yellow.

The factor that determines the color of rock salt is none other but impurities found in it, which can be in different types and also amount.

Where Can It be Found?

rock salt storage warehouse in mining facility


If being asked about where rock salt can be found, the answer is actually: almost in every country in the world. Although so, it cannot be denied that there are some countries that are known to produce more rock salt than other countries. Those include big countries like Canada, England, Germany, Italy, and US.

Some countries known to be the big producers of rock salt are even known to have interesting information about the commodity. For example, Bulgarian is believed to have one of the oldest rock salt sites in the world because of the very old production facilities found there.

Now, rock salt that is ready to use is spread all over the world from the countries where it is produce and mined. It means the need of rock salt for cooking, transportation or any other types of need can be fulfilled easily. If you even need the salt for daily use you can simply find it at grocery store.

Who Usually Collect Rock Salt from Nature?

rock salt miner beside a huge mining machine in underground rock salt dome


If sea salt and table salt are usually collected by salt farmers, you need to know that rock salt is quite different. This salt is not collected but is more suitable to be called as mined from underground where the salt bed is located. Because of this reason, people who usually mine rock salt from nature are called rock salt miners.

Compared to salt farmers, rock salt miners clearly have a harder and more risky job. The reason is none other but the fact that rock salt miners have to go down to the mine.

However, nowadays salt mining is way more modern and of course everything in the mining facility is made to make the job of salt miner easier to do. Sophisticated tools and heavy-duty equipment are even included in the mining for the sake of better effectiveness.

Talking about the mine, you need to know that modern Halite mine can be very spacious. This is not merely about the way to adapt the large size of rock salt cave or dome underground but is also about the large size of the mining facility itself.

Why Rock Salt Is a Good Natural Dehumidifier (The 7 Main Reasons)

the 7 main reasons, why rock salt is a good natural dehumidifier


Now let us move to the next discussion about rock salt dehumidifier. In the following are the 7 main reasons why rock salt is considered as a good natural dehumidifier.

By knowing about these reasons, it is very possible for you to get more interest in creating the dehumidifier at home, especially when you need to deal with high level of humidity in your house.

  1. Easy to Create
  2. Dehumidifier from rock salt is something very easy to create even if you have not had any experience in creating it previously. There is no advanced constructing ability needed in creating this natural dehumidifier. All that you need is to know about how to create the humidifier and also preparing all items needed to create it.

    Good news you need to know here is that all items needed are not hard to find since you can definitely fine those in your surroundings.

  3. The Main Material Is Easy to Find
  4. The second reason is still actually related to the first one. It is because the main material, which is rock salt, needed to create the dehumidifier is very easy to find.

    At this point of time, whenever you need some rock salt, of course you do not need to mine the commodity on your own since this will definitely be a huge task that is quite impossible for you to fulfill.

    All you need to do is directly go to grocery store in your location and find the salt there. If you are lucky, you can even find buy the salt in bulk in order to save money.

  5. Rock Salt Is Very Absorbent
  6. As the main material needed for the natural dehumidifier, rock salt simply has the best characteristic needed, which is none other but very absorbent.

    This ingredient is even included in the category of hygroscopic material. It has the natural ability not only to draw but also to store water molecules from the surroundings of location in which it is placed.

    Of course the natural ability told previously also have meaning that the excess moisture in home interior can also be drawn and stored to it. This is the very basic thing needed by dehumidifier and this is as a matter of fact also quite the same with the way electrical dehumidifier works.

  7. A Cheaper Option
  8. When you really need extra dehumidifier, creating rock salt dehumidifier is very considerable because it is a cheaper option than purchasing one or even more dehumidifiers for your house.

    If being compared to the price of an electrical dehumidifier, even if it belongs to the economical category, the price of rock salt and the other items you need for the DIY dehumidifier is way more affordable.

    Here, you can totally save a large amount of money in fulfilling what you need for a more comfortable home interior that is away from humid.

    This affordable characteristic is also applicable when you need more than just one dehumidifier in your house. For example, you do realize that one dehumidifier only is not enough for your home interior, such as when the weather is just too humid.

    At this point of time, you may consider about buying one or more extra dehumidifier to deal with the problem but of course this will cost you a fortune. That is why, creating DIY dehumidifier from rock salt can be a really great solution to deal with you temporary need of extra dehumidifier in the house.

  9. Perfect Choice for an Emergency
  10. The dehumidifier from rock salt is also a very perfect choice to pick when you are in an emergency. The emergency situation meant here is when you really need a dehumidifier but you cannot find any or when the one you have is broken.

    Creating the DIY dehumidifier is not only easy because all materials are not hard to find, it is also because creating it will never need too much time. The information about how to create the dehumidifier will be explained to you later in this post.

  11. Natural and Non-Toxic
  12. Again and again the most significant benefit of rock salt dehumidifier can be seen from how natural it is. Instead of being natural only, you need to know that this natural ingredient is also non-toxic. This way using it in your house even if there are kids and pets will never make you worry.

    Although so, you still need to give understanding to your kids, and if possible to your pets also, that it is not OK to snack the rock salt you use in the easy-to-make dehumidifier.

  13. No Electricity Needed
  14. Another thing that makes the natural dehumidifier different from electrical dehumidifier, even if both basically perform the same function, is that it does not need any electricity at all in performing the dehumidifying function.

    Away from the fact that this can possibly save you some money in electricity bills, this will be very helpful when the electricity in your house is off.

When to Use Salt Rock Dehumidifier (IMPORTANT!)

when to use salt rock dehumidifier


Knowing about the right time to use rock salt dehumidifier is simply important for you. The reason is because this will make the use of the natural dehumidifier to be more effective. This can also avoid you from some problem that will only create you a hard time.

The very simple idea you always have to remember in your mind is that dehumidifier from rock salt should be used only when the air in your house is too humid, which means there is too much moisture in the air.

In areas that are not naturally humid, commonly the humidity level rises during summer and winter seasons, even if there are some exceptional cases that make the humidity level rises in other time than summer and winter.

Rock salt dehumidifier is also perfect to use, as told earlier, when you are in an emergency where it is quite impossible for you to use electrical dehumidifier. With the DIY dehumidifier, you will be helped while waiting for the time you can use the electrical dehumidifier again.

Basically, the DIY dehumidifier we talk about in this post is suitable ONLY for short term use instead of long term use. If you decide to use the dehumidifier for a long term usage, it is guaranteed that you will face a sure problem, which is money problem. Here is the explanation.

Rock salt is not something that lasts forever once exposed to air on the other hand, the type of DIY dehumidifier we talk about in this post use rock salt that it exposed to free air.

Do you know what it means? It means, when you create a natural dehumidifier by using rock salt at home, it will only function properly for a certain period of time and once the rock salt run out, if you think you still need the dehumidifier you need to refill it again so the dehumidifying function can be obtained.

Can you imagine how much rock salt you will need if you decide to use the dehumidifier for a long term instead of the short one? Can you imagine also about how much money that you need to buy all of the rock salt? The amount can be enough to buy a new electrical dehumidifier or at least to pay the energy bills caused by the used of electrical dehumidifier for a long time. This way, the affordable value of the temporary DIY dehumidifier will never be worth it.

In relation to all that, you always have to keep in mind that no matter how amazing and effective a rock salt dehumidifier is, it is ONLY suitable to use in a short term or when you are in an emergency of needed dehumidifier in your house.

How to Create DIY Dehumidifier by Using Rock Salt

how to create DIY dehumidifier by using rock salt


Now, let us move to the last but not least part of this post, which is about how to create dehumidifier by using rock salt at home. The way is very simple and there will only be two types of items that you need to prepare here. Those are;

  1. Rock salt
  2. The amount of the rock salt depends on how big the size of dehumidifier that you will make is.

  3. Two Buckets
  4. plastic bottles as alternative containers in creating DIY rock salt dehumidifier


    This number is for creating a dehumidifier. If you want to create more than just one dehumidifier then you will need more buckets. Another fact that you need to know is that the buckets can be replaced with any other containers as long as each of those can be stacked one on top of the other.

bucket dehumidifier before the rock salt is poured into it


The way to create the dehumidifier is quite easy, you know. Since the type of container you can use here is not only limited in buckets, the main thing you need to understand is the main principles on how to create the dehumidifier. It is that you will need two containers that can be stacked.

The top container that will be used to contain rock salt must have holes at the bottom before being placed on top of the bottom container. The reason is because the holes will be something that gathers moisture in the form of water will pass through and then collected in the bottom container.

drilling holes on bucket bottom


So, if you want to use two buckets as the containers, you just need to make sure that the top bucket can fit perfectly when stacked on top of the bottom bucket. Before that, you need to drill holes on the bottom of the top bucket, and possibly also on its side.

Once done, you can stack the top bucket on top of the lower bucket and then place the rock salt inside the top bucket. The amount of the rock salt should not always fill the whole top bucket since 1/2 part of the bucket only is enough to make the dehumidifier to work for several days.

flour sifter as alternative to top bucket in the DIY dehumidifier


If you do not want to drill any holes, there is a simpler option can be chosen, which is replacing the top bucket or container with floor sifter. Even so, it is still very important to make sure that the size of the sifter makes it possible for the sifter to be placed on top of the lower bucket.

electrical fan to make the dehumidifier more effective


Sometimes, electrical fan is also used in this dehumidifying system so that it will work more effectively since the fan will be helpful in guiding the moisture in air to go and collected in the dehumidifier.

For this purpose, the electrical fan must be placed side by side with the top part of the dehumidifier with a position that is a bit higher.

So, what do you think about this simple idea? Are you interested in trying it at home?

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